What Is Special In Chennai For Shopping?

Which sweet is famous in Chennai?

Serving in over five locations across Chennai, The Grand Sweets And Snacks is among the oldest ones in the city.

Choose from an array of sweets such as Mysore pauk, angur jamoon, badhusha, basundhi, doodh halwa and more this Diwali..

Is Chennai safe?

Chennai is a relatively safe destination that experiences less crime than most other major Indian cities. The main problems are pick-pocketing and begging. Beggars specifically target foreigners and can be quite aggressive. Avoid giving any money because it will only attract them in swarms.

What Chennai is famous for?

Famous as the biggest cultural and economic centre down south, Chennai was earlier known as Madras. The city houses several Hindu temples, churches and museums. From its white-sand beaches to mouth-watering seafood, Chennai has everything for travellers.

What is famous in Chennai for shopping?

Thyagaraya Nagar (T. Nagar) Source. … George Town. Source. George Town holds the reputation for being the most crowded market for shopping in Chennai. … Pondy Bazaar. Source. … Godown Street. Source. … Sowcarpet. Source. … Pantheon Road. Source. … Anna Salai. Source Known as St. … Ritchie Street. Photo credits: Jeevan Vamsi (Source)More items…

What is special in Chennai?

Home to temples, dosa and beaches, it is also a place where history has been made. Here are 10 things unique to wonderful Chennai. Chennai has many beautiful beaches — Besant Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Covelong and more. However, the Marina Beach gains prominence as it is the world’s second largest urban beach.

Which area is Centre of Chennai?

Central Chennai region would cover zones of Thiru-Vi-Ka Nagar, Ambattur, Anna Nagar, Teynampet and Kodambakkam. It would have an area of 128.31 sq km and a population of 29.31 lakh. The head office of Central Chennai region would be in Shenoy Nagar.

What should I not miss in Chennai?

10 Top Things to Do in Chennai – Should Not Be MissedKapaleeswarar Temple. The Kepaleeshwara Temple is one of the best places to visit in Chennai. … Marina Beach. The Marina Beach is a landmark that is almost synonymous with the name of Chennai itself. … Rippon Building. … Varadaraja Temple. … Senate House. … Christ the King Church. … Vivekananda Illam. … Elliot Beach.More items…•

Which is the coldest month in Chennai?

During daytime, the cool breeze from the sea provides respite from the otherwise warm weather. The temperature in Chennai in November and December snuggles in between 17 degree to 20 degree and during January it prevails a mild temperature at a minimum of 15 degree.

What are the best things to buy in Chennai?

1. The Pondy Bazaar. Yet another popular bazaar of this distinguished city, is the Pondy Bazaar, salwar materials, kurtas, fashion accessories, footwear, and handbags, trendy clothes, mobile phones, and accessories are some of the things to buy in Chennai.

What is famous in Chennai to eat?

10 Local Dishes You Must Try in ChennaiFilter Coffee. Melbournians might assume that they are the world’s ultimate coffee snobs, but they probably haven’t met Chennai’s filter coffee snobs who obsess with every ingredient that goes into making the brew that fuels the city. … Mulligatawny Soup. … Sundal. … Nethili Fry. … Masala Dosai. … Biryani. … Murukku Sandwich. … Mysore Pak.More items…•

Which saree is famous in Chennai?

We’ve rounded up the best saree stores in Chennai to make shopping that much easier.Kanakavalli. Kanakavalli. Available Online. … Nalli 100. Nalli Silks. Available Online. … Sundari Silks. Sundari Silks. Available Online. … Tulsi Silks. Tulsi Silks. Available Online. … Palam Silks. Palam Silks. Available Online. … Amethyst. Amethyst.

Is Chennai good for North Indian?

Chennai is a wonderful city and a great place to live but many north Indians who go there to study or work, find it hard to adjust to the dramatic change in culture and language. … The truth is that Chennai is just like any other city of India.