Quick Answer: Is Pondicherry Worth Visiting?

Is Pondicherry safe for couples?

Yes you can visit major attractions of Pondicherry in one day.

Pondicherry is quite neat and clean place and you will love the place.

As we went there for one day and didn’t face any security or safety issues , I will say its safe..

Can I wear shorts in Pondicherry?

wearing shorts is Not a problem at all in Pondicherry. Majority of females wear it. Now a days even temple don’t have strict dress code. You can go to seawater in Paraidise beach.

What clothes to wear in Pondicherry?

Clean and decent clothes, preferably cotton is suitable as Puducherry has a tropical climate. It is always good to use your discretion. The preferred clothes for men are pants and shirts, and women mostly wear either Indian clothes, pants and skirts or pants and blouses.

Is Pondicherry a safe place?

Pondy is completely safe at night. But the markets, bars and eateries shut down by 11.00pm. As such there is no night life in Pondy , if you are expecting something similar to Goa with regards to night life, then Pondy is not the place.

What is the best time to visit Pondicherry?

The time between October and March is known to be the best time to visit Pondicherry city. The temperature in Pondicherry during this time ranges from 15 degree Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the famous food of Pondicherry?

Common foods include baguettes and croissants with coffee for breakfast, ratatouille, coq au vin, bouillabaisse, which all show their French heritage or South Indian meals such as masala dosa, sambar or idly.

Is Pondicherry expensive city?

Summary about cost of living in Pondicherry, India: … A single person estimated monthly costs are 314$ (23,080₹) without rent. Cost of living index in Pondicherry is 74.84% lower than in New York. Rent in Pondicherry is, on average, 97.10% lower than in New York.

How much is a taxi from Chennai to Pondicherry?

Chennai to Pondicherry Cab DetailsVehicleSeaterFarehatchback Tata Indica, Maruti Swift, Maruti Wagon-R, etc4₹1721sedan Tata Indigo, Toyota Etios, Maruti Swift D-zire, etc4₹1721suv Maruti Ertiga, Mahindra Xylo, Toyota Innova, etc6₹2790

Is Pondicherry good for honeymoon?

Is Pondicherry good for honeymoon? A. If one is looking for a beach destination, then Pondicherry makes for a great destination. One can plan a romantic trip to the city in between the months of October to March and pick one of the chic Pondicherry resorts near the beach to stay.

Which is best Coorg or Pondicherry?

Pondicherry is the best place to visit in winter. … So, rainy months of July and August are also good time to visit Pondicherry. Coorg is preferable during Autumns. During rainy season, Coorg is not a right place to visit due to heavy rains.

How many days do you need to see Pondicherry?

1. Re: How many days are sufficient to visit Pondicherry ? 2-3 days are more than sufficient. Since you will be travelling with kids and a car, book yourself into a resort with beach access so that the kids can enjoy some time in the sea.

How expensive is Pondicherry?

You should plan to spend around ₨1,252 ($17) per day on your vacation in Pondicherry, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ₨337 ($4.56) on meals for one day and ₨159 ($2.16) on local transportation.

What is famous to buy in Pondicherry?

Janaki. Janaki is a one-stop shop for apparel, pottery, aromatherapy products, and hair and skin care products. … Casablanca. … Kalki. … Cluny Embroidery Centre. … Anokhi. … Auro Wood Works. … Sri Aurobindo Handmade Paper Factory. … Zuka Choco-La.More items…

How can I spend 2 days in Pondicherry?

Basilica Of Sacred Heart Of Jesus. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Pondicherry for 2 days. … French War Memorial. … Rock Beach. … Old Lighthouse. … Manakula Vinayagar Temple. … Botanical Garden. … Chunnambar Boathouse. … Immaculate Conception Cathedral.More items…

Is Pondicherry better than Goa?

Although, Pondicherry has some party places, this is one area where Goa wins hands down. Goa has many places to party till the sun rises. … It is hard to pick between Goa or Pondicherry. Goa is the popular, more touristy place with better beaches; head to Pondicherry for a more peaceful, quieter time.

Is Ola and Uber available in Pondicherry?

Ola, Uber or two wheelers are not available nearby the hotel. over a year ago. Not sure about Uber, Ola & two wheeler availability. However, Taxis are available.

Is Pondicherry safe for female Travellers?

Pondicherry is pretty safe for female travellers when compared to other cities in India. However, visiting a place without knowing much about it can be daunting, especially as a non-native. … As Pondicherry is a coastal city, the climate is generally humid.

What is Pondicherry known for?

Pondicherry is a former French colony located on the south-eastern coastline of India and is known for its rich heritage and culture, along with providing a soothing coastal experience for the tourists. Pondicherry is the only diving spot on the eastern coast of India and attracts a large number of tourists every year.

Where should we stay in Pondicherry?

5 best hotels in Pondicherry that you should consider stayingThe Promenade. Tucked in the hub of French Quarter, The Promenade hotel is around 5-min walk from the Pondicherry Beach. … La Villa. … La Closerie Bay of Bengal. … Palais De Mahe. … The Richmond Hotel.

How can I go to Pondicherry by flight?

The nearest airports to Pondicherry are Puducherry Airport and Chennai International Airport. The top domestic airlines including Jet Airways, Air India, IndiGo and SpiceJet have regular flights to Pondicherry via Chennai International Airport.

Is there a direct flight from Mumbai to Pondicherry?

There is only one airline that connects Mumbai to Pondicherry, which is SpiceJet. The flight between Mumbai to Pondicherry is at 5:45 a.m. Q.