Quick Answer: How Much Liquor Can I Carry From Pondicherry?

Can we bring liquor from Pondicherry to Bangalore?

You cannot carry even a single alcohol bottle from pondicherry to bangalore legally .

Pondicherry is a union territory and like all other UTs the alcohol taxes are low hence they are cheap.

seal open alcohol bottles will be allowed beyond the pondicherry border.

For the sealed ones you will have to pay additional tax..

How many bottles of liquor can I keep at home?

Permissible limits are 18.2 litres of country beer, 9.1 litres of imported foreign liquor, 4.5 litres of fortified wine, 9 litres of fruit wine, 2.3 litres of liquor manufactured in Karnataka (excluding imported Foreign liquor), and 2.5 litres of toddy (in the areas where public sale of toddy is allowed, i.e., D.

How much alcohol can I carry in train?

Hi you can carry up to 2 bottles per person any where in india in train except Gujarat, Nagaland and Bihar.

How much liquor can I carry from Goa?

2 litresYes, one can carry a maximum of 2 litres of liquor while returning from Goa. Best is if one obtains a permit for it. Via flight: If purchased beforehand, the bottles go (carefully wrapped to prevent breakage) in the checked-in luggage.

Can a Hindu drink alcohol?

Hinduism. Hinduism does not have a central authority which is followed by all Hindus. Some texts forbid the use or consumption of alcohol while some texts praise the ritualistic consumption of soma (a divine psychedelic drink). … According to Manusmriti, consumption of alcohol is natural and not forbidden.

What is the cost of beer in Pondicherry?

Cost of Living in PondicherryRestaurants[ Edit ]McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)350.00₹Domestic Beer (1 pint draught)100.00₹Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle)375.00₹Cappuccino (regular)95.00₹62 more rows

Can we carry liquor from Bangalore to Chennai?

@Esteemer, as per excise rules an adult person is allowed to carry 2 ltrs/ bottles of Liquor across the borders, provided they have their cap seals broken. dadu – the seals broken is the definition of the cops, the rule book says that for personal consumption any person can carry two bottles of liquor.

Can we carry alcohol from Pondicherry?

You are allowed to carry one bottle of open alcohol, but in my opinion, I wouldn’t risk it. It just seems weird to take an open bottle of alcohol with you and travel with it. You are also opening yourself up to the subjective decision of a police officer.

How much liquor can I carry in Tamil Nadu?

The rules permit every individual to possess 4.5 litres of Indian Made Foreign Liquor, 4.5 litres of foreign liquor, 7.8 litres of beer and 9 litres of beer.

Is carrying liquor from Pondicherry to Tamilnadu illegal?

Originally Answered: Is carrying liquor from Pondicherry to Tamil Nadu illegal ? Yes, it is illegal. You can carry one bottle of liquor with you provided it is opened and you have consumed a bit, but carrying cases of liquor are a strict no.

Can you wear shorts in Pondicherry?

wearing shorts is Not a problem at all in Pondicherry. Majority of females wear it. Now a days even temple don’t have strict dress code. You can go to seawater in Paraidise beach.

Is Tamil Nadu a dry state?

Alcohol Prohibition in tamilnadu is governed by State Prohibition and Excise department as per Tamil Nadu Prohibition Act, 1937. TASMAC, state government owned company controls the wholesale and retail vending of alcoholic beverages in the State. On 24 May 2016, after swearing-in J.