Question: What Is A Yoke Dress?

Why is it called a yoke?

So maybe the “yoke” was adopted at the moment that two control devices were connected together for two pilots.

Apparently, “control wheel” was used fairly early on, but perhaps that was abandoned when a physical wheel went out of favour.

Control sticks are generally “yoked” together, but they are never called yokes..

Why do pilots move the yoke so much?

The simple answer for all aircraft at landing is that as the plane slows down, the aerodynamic forces on the control surfaces deteriorate, requiring ever larger movements to achieve the desired changes in direction.

What is a split back yoke?

What is the difference between a “one piece yoke” and a “split yoke”? A one piece yoke is made from a single piece of fabric. A split yoke is split down the middle and sewn together in the middle. Split Yoke.

What is a yoke in sewing a skirt?

I love the look of a skirt with a yoke. It’s just another way of jazzing up a skirt. … If you want to skip the waistband, the yoke facing can be sewn to the top of the yoke, right side to right side. Afterwards, you’ll flip these pieces right side out and finish hand sewing the facing on the inside of the skirt.

What is yoke motor?

Yoke consists of a magnetic frame that is made up of steel or cast iron and is an important component of stator. This forms the protective coating/covering for the inner sensitive parts of the DC motor and supports armature. Yoke houses the field winding and magnetic poles thereby supporting the field system.

What is the tag on the back of your shirt called?

locker loops backCalled locker loops back then, the loops have now become a regular feature on shirts worldwide, but strangely not many of us use them for the purpose they were created for.

What is a back yoke?

Definition- This is a piece of fabric that connects the back of a garment to the area across the back shoulders, allowing the garment to lie flat while following the reliefs of the body, ensuring correct drape and appearance.

What yoke means?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a wooden bar or frame by which two draft animals (such as oxen) are joined at the heads or necks for working together. b : an arched device formerly laid on the neck of a defeated person. c : a frame fitted to a person’s shoulders to carry a load in two equal portions.

What is the purpose of yoke?

A yoke is a wooden beam normally used between a pair of oxen or other animals to enable them to pull together on a load when working in pairs, as oxen usually do; some yokes are fitted to individual animals. There are several types of yoke, used in different cultures, and for different types of oxen.

What is yoke width on a shirt?

Measure for the point where the yoke meets the sleeve, straight across, to the same point on the other side. …

What are shoulder yokes?

A yoke is a shaped pattern piece which forms part of a garment, usually fitting around the neck and shoulders, or around the hips to provide support for looser parts of the garment, such as a gathered skirt or the body of a shirt. Yoke construction was first seen in the 19th century.

What is shoulder length measurement?

Instruct your friend to place the end of the measuring tape at the place where your shoulder meets the top of your arm, or, the boniest part of your shoulder. From there, holding the tape taut, they should stretch the tape straight across to the tip of your other shoulder blade. The measurement is your shoulder width.

What is a yoke in the human body?

A yoke is a device borne across the shoulders of animals or humans, for example to harness draught animals together, or to assist humans (see carrying pole) in transporting heavy or awkward burdens.

What does evenly yoked mean?

The literal interpretation of being “equally yoked” means “joined with the same”. In agricultural terms, if a yoke joins two oxen together then they need to be the same in order to work together.

How many types of yoke are there?

Basically, the yoke can be introduced in three positions: at the top of the garment (shoulder yoke), above the waistline (midriff yoke) or below the waist line (hip yoke).

Why do shirts have a yoke?

What is the purpose of a yoke? Traditionally, the yoke serves to provide support for shirt fabric around the shoulder and upper back for men’s shirts, and allows the fabric at the shoulder to lay comfortably under a suit jacket, shifting the seam off the top of the shoulder.

What is yoke measurement?

Simply defined, the yoke is the measurement between each shoulder. It is the seam where each sleeve starts.

What does Jesus mean by yoke?

The yoke Jesus refers to is this: It is a kind of harness that is used for oxen to get them to pull a cart or farming equipment. Typically one yoke for two oxen. The best usage of yoke by Jesus is: Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

What is another word for yoke?

In this page you can discover 89 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for yoke, like: couple, link, connect, join, conjoin, harness, splice, unite, associate, bind and attach.