Is Say Namaste App Safe?

How do I use Namaste app?

Say Namaste app downloadStep 1: Open the Google Play Store on your device.Step 2: Search for “Say Namaste Video Conferencing” or click on the link here.Step 3: Tap ‘Install’ to download the app on your phone.Step 1: Open the App Store on your device.Step 2: Search for “Say Namaste Video Conferencing” or click on the link here.More items…•.

How do you schedule a namaste meeting?

Say Namaste – What are the features It allows you to invite other users to a conference call using a meeting link and a code. To begin a new call, Say Namaste will request for your camera and microphone access on the device, however, you can choose to turn off the camera and mute the audio once you’re on a call.

Which is the country of origin of Zoom app?

Zoom origin country Calling his app American, Eric Yuan also stated that Zoom app was founded and headquartered in California, incorporated in Delaware, and publicly traded on NASDAQ.

How good is Namaste app?

According to Apptopia, the ‘Say Namaste’ app is being downloaded over 54,000 times with its Google Play Store rating standing firm at 4/5. The ‘Say Namaste’ app’s interface is rather simplistic and not eye-catchy or over the top.

Who made Say Namaste app?

InscriptsMumbai-based tech startup Inscripts has launched the Say Namaste video conferencing app . The app is India’s alternative to popular video conferencing app Zoom. The Say Namaste app allows up to 50 participants to join a video conference.

Is Zoom a Chinese company?

Zoom or Zoom Communication Inc is not a Chinese company. In fact it was found by Chinese-American billionaire, Eric Yuan. It is headquartered in San Jose, California. Yuan on the other hand holds an American citizenship.

Is Zoom safe to use?

Zoom is still safe to use in most cases For school classes, after-work get-togethers, or even workplace meetings that stick to routine business, there’s not much risk in using Zoom.

What language is Namaste from?

SanskritIf you take a yoga class in the U.S., the teacher will most likely say namaste at the end of the practice. It’s a Sanskrit phrase that means “I bow to you.” You place hands together at the heart, close your eyes and bow.

What is the spiritual meaning of Namaste?

The spiritual meaning of namaste conveys that “the divine in me respectfully recognizes the divine in you.” Namaste invokes the feeling of spiritual oneness of heart and mind, with the person one is greeting.

Is there any Indian video conferencing app?

Say Namaste is another Indian video calling app that has recently been launched. It is developed by Inscripts and is both an Android and iOS app. It can also be accessed via its website version. The app can let you conduct video and audio calls and include up to 50 people per call.

Is Say Namaste safe?

“Say Namaste is a secure audio and video conferencing app designed for productive meetings or catchups among corporate teams, friends or family members,” the app’s description says on the Play Store.

How many participants can join Say Namaste?

50 participantsREAD | How to use Say Namaste Say Namaste supports up to 50 participants in a group video call. The app also comes with features such as screen sharing, text mode, file sharing, and more.

Is Namaste An Indian app?

Contrary to what reports claim, Say Namaste is not an app but a video conferencing platform. Moreover, it wasn’t developed by the government of India. The platform is built by Inscripts, a Mumbai-based web application and software development firm.